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"unity and oneness return to earth"

About Yvonne

My name is Yvonne Ros, I was born in 1964, mother of a 32 year old daughter. I come from Amsterdam and I now live in Nijkerk and partly in Rennes le Château in France, the place closely linked to Mary Magdalene and the Cathars. I have had a practice in various energetic healing methods and spiritual coaching for over 16 years. I provide online and offline healing sessions for lightworkers and entrepreneurs who want to experience heart wealth in addition to their material wealth.

Yvonne Ros Spiritual Coach
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Online Courses

Because I have helped many clients, entrepreneurs and light workers, I see patterns recurring in different target groups. Because I cannot always do 1 on 1 sessions, I have developed a number of spiritual training courses online to help you, so that you can do the knowledge transfer and exercises at your own pace.


I have developed an online course "In Connection with Source" especially for lightworkers so that they can get and keep themselves in alignment. 

Work with Yvonne

Individual Sessions Yvonne Ros

Individual sessions

I help you to better organize your thoughts, discover what you want in the future, learn to deal with stress, discuss your life questions or work on your personal growth.Read more...

Perillo's spiritual journey Yvonne Ros

Book a Spiritual Journey

I have been giving Spiritual Journeys and Meditation Journeys to Power Places for years and literally see people transform in 1 week!


Fontaine des Amours Yvonne Ros

In Connection with Source

In this online training you will learn to cleanse your own field, protect it and open yourself to the purest connection with the highest light/source.Read more...

Places of power in France Yvonne Ros

The book

“Power Places in France with Mary Magdalene" is an autobiographical and spiritual travelogue full of special conversations with other worlds. This story unmistakably contains a deeper truth about the energy of mother earth and the messages of Mary Magdalene and the Goddesses through the ages. Yvonne received received an important assignment through a vision, she followed it and went on a journey. Mary Magdalene helped her to harmonize and activate important power points. Read more...

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Guided Meditations with Yvonne

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Yvonne Ros Rennes le Chateau

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