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Yvonne Ros boek
Places of power in France with Mary Magdalene

A spiritual assignment from the energetic world

Her first book,Places of power in France with Mary Magdalene, is an autobiographical and spiritual travelogue by Yvonne Ros, spiritual coach and energetic healer.

Yvonne received the assignment during a vision to do energy work in various power places to support the earth.  The story contains a deeper truth about the energy of the earth and the important role the feminine plays in the collective consciousness shift currently taking place on earth.

The special connection that Yvonne has with Mary Magdalene gives this true story an unexpected twist. The travel report turns your current reality upside down and provides access to expanding your awareness about ourselves and the era in which we live.

Yvonne ros Krachtplekken in frankrijk met maria magdalena

Immerse yourself in a story where apparent coincidences lead to a series of revelations about the essence of feminine wisdom in our current era. A time of potential in which both people as individuals and collectively have the opportunity to make a radical change in the perspective of consciousness.

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How it all started

Years ago I saw a photo of the Mary Magdalene tower in Rennes le Chateau, this photo touched me so deeply that I felt in my entire being; “I have to go there!”
The symbol of the French lily has always been a magical magnet for me, I never consciously knew that this symbol was made for Mary Magdalene. And so for me there were all kinds of puzzle pieces that fell together over time. I wish with all my heart that you can feel the power and love of Mary Magdalene, just as I do.
Every woman and man has their own spark of Mary Magdalene energy within them.

yvonne ros author

Now it is partly my mission to remind all women in particular that they have this powerful spark of Mary Magdalene energy within them and that they can let this energy shine like a blinding sun of power and love. With that developed Mary Magdalene energy within you you can make a world of difference.

My inspiration is Mary Magdalene, a woman of higher spiritual intelligence, strength, love and wisdom. My inner truth tells me that we have a loving connection. I feel her and I hear her. She is part of me, I love her. Mary Magdalene had such a special task on earth and played such a special role next to Jesus, this may now literally 'come to light'.

Meditating with like-minded people on Mary Magdalene power places can enrich everything who you are.
The world needs strong women with a higher form of spiritual intelligence. Strong conscious women can inspire other people to increase their consciousness. You could also call this the inner strength that lives in every person.
This inner power is connected to the universe, the energy of the earth and to all living things.

Everyone has a DNA/energy code and sometimes just being in the right place is enough. Something is activating in the Earth's energy network.

Alwareness/Columns/Power places in France with Mary Magdalene

This spiritual journey has changed my entire life. It has given me more confidence in who I really am and what I can do on earth.
Through this special journey I have experienced that the energy in these power places is incredibly powerful and loving. By cleaning and activating these power places, changes have been energetically initiated on earth.

I am very grateful for my guidance from angels, guides, enlightened masters, Mary Magdalene and Goddesses.

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Magdalena toren

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Leeuwenpoort frankrijk

"A journey into a world unknown to many. I recommend this product. If you are looking for a book about "love", universal love, then this book is definitely recommended! Yvonne writes a fascinating light-hearted travel report, in which the emphasis is not so much about the journey as about the spiritual part of this journey. You get to know her love for herself and the world and her connection with the universal love of all that is. In which she powerfully describes her experiences, how she feels in this connects with worlds that are not commonplace for most people. An inspiring book, if you are open to it. What I do miss a bit is the story of her traveling companion and life companion, a foreword by him could certainly be an enrichment for me ."


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