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In verbinding met Source cursus

In connection with Source

A complete basic course for everyone.

In this online training you will learn to cleanse your own field, protect it and open yourself to the purest connection with the highest light/source. 

  • Do you experience that your energy is not flowing well?

  • Could it be that your entity carries energy with you?

  • Is your inner strength less strong?

  • Do you feel like something is blocking you, but you don't know exactly what?

  • Is something interfering with your unique connection to Absolute Source?

  • Do you want to fully step into your power?

  • Do you want to say goodbye to your insecurity?

  • Do you have difficulty connecting well with Mother Earth?

  • Are you having trouble generating an income?

  • Do you want to do your light work safely?

  • Do you suffer from physical complaints?

  • Do you want to live in the flow of total well-being?

  • Do you feel out of balance?

This online course has been developed from 17 years of experience in my practice as an energetic healer and spiritual coach. Because I have helped many fellow therapists, entrepreneurs and lightworkers, I see patterns recurring. I often do the same work for these clients. They have not learned to properly protect themselves, cleanse their energy field and fully align themselves with Absolute Source of all Creation.

They feel tired quickly, sleep poorly or feel that they are no longer in the flow. The abundance channel is blocked. This has nothing to do with whether you are a good lightworker or not. This has to do with receiving the right knowledge and tools to do your job well, without exhausting yourself. 


Now is the time to share wisdom and knowledge so that we can be empowered en masse

When I energetically measure clients 1 on 1, I often see various entity energies in their auric field, as a result their chakras are completely out of balance and the connections with Absolute Source, the higher self and the soul are disrupted. 

Do you know the feeling that everything seems to be going wrong? You stub your toe, you drop a glass, the oil light comes on in the car, you have to stop all the traffic lights and bridges, you cancel your appointment at the last minute...
Learn to read the signs. What is going on? What energies are blocking your channel of abundance?
 I know from experience that there are usually various types of entities interfering. How do you remove them? How do you reclaim your own energy field?g?
We will learn this, among other things, in the course


Without connection to Absolute Source and Mother Earth, nothing can flow. We are the connector. By being very consciously connected in the here and now, creation power flows through our body and auric field. We are the channel. We create life on earth with these two basic connections. 
As above, so below.

It is also important that you know what counterforce there is that therapists and lightworkers can take out of their power. 
Step one is to remove the energies from entities. Getting rid of many different entities (alien and human) makes a world of difference to you. Only after this can you protect yourself energetically in various ways and connect with the highest light.


How is the course structured? 

The course is composed of three parts:
Part 1 - Clean your energy field independently.
Part 2 - Master protective techniques.
Part 3 - Creating a pure connection with Absolute Source.

You will receive extensive documentation about this three-part course including guided videos and healing meditations. The Healing Meditations are inner journeys that you make under my guidance to experience for yourself what energy work does to you. The inner growth of every person is my top priority.

Tangible results from this course:

  • Your energy can flow better.

  • Blockages can be resolved.

  • You are more in your power.

  • Self-confidence grows.

  • Being able to solve physical blockages.

  • Your channel of abundance flows better.

  • You are freed from entities.

  • You feel safer.

  • You feel completely connected to Absolute Source.

  • You feel more connected to Mother Earth.

  • Your inner strength can increase more.

  • You feel more balanced.

Stand independently in your power and use this knowledge for the rest of your life.

Do you want to get started with your pure connection from love and light?
Then book the online course “In connection with Source”
Make it easy for yourself and take this knowledge and wisdom and help yourself and others.


Price: €79


A must have as a therapist, entrepreneur, lightworker or highly sensitive person.

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