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healing Activatie voor ondernemers

Activation for Entrepreneurs

From material wealth to wealth in your heart

More and more successful business people want to learn to meditate to get closer to themselves. They seek non-material happiness and want to increase emotional bandwidth.
The material wealth has been accumulated and yet something is missing. 
You experience unrest or emptiness. You have achieved all your boy/girl dreams and yet you are looking for something, but what? 

You have a number of life questions.

  • You want to live more from the heart

  • You want to learn to relax

  • You want to experience more depth

  • You want to take more time for things with emotional value

  • Or, you want to quit your company...what then?

Experiencing wealth in all areas of your life is a challenge, especially if you live from your head


​Things you can experience when you are out of alignment:

  • You no longer find satisfaction in what you do

  • You are always looking for more or something better

  • You are sensitive to distractions

  • You find it difficult to be in silence with yourself

  • You take little or no time to go into nature alone

  • Your head is always full

  • You are lived

  • You drink too much (excessive alcohol consumption) 

  • You feel restless and are constantly looking for a new challenge 

  • Your status often makes you lonely

  • You are not seen for who you are but for what you have


You also want improvement in the area of love 

  • Attracting a true love partner is difficult for you

  • You have a spiritual wife/girlfriend and cannot follow her

  • You have neglected your family life

  • You feel guilty

What is being in alignment?
Have you ever heard of your inner self?
Being in line with your inner self gives you an 'in the flow feeling'. You know how it is, everything is going well, you smile all day, it flows.

Nieuw zon.jpeg

Living under your inner conditions, the partnership with yourself.

You treat yourself like you would treat your best friend.

You step out of the straitjacket and you feel free.

You think positively about life again and look forward to the future.

How do we work? 

In 4 to 5 sessions you will return to alignment with yourself and make more of a connection between head and heart. You experience more confidence and also more fulfillment in your life.
We will provide you with the right tools and exercises, and you will also learn to meditate. The growth of your consciousness can enrich your work and your life enormously. 

Alignment with the Absolute Source of Creation is the key.


Because as a therapist I perceive energy, I can help you with an energetic alignment of your body and aura. If you are energetically aligned, you will also feel this physically, emotionally and mentally.
Everything falls into place.

I would be happy to help you receive your 'heart wealth'. 

The sessions last approximately 1.5 hours each time.


Investment in heart wealth: €750

Krachtplekken frankrijk

In connection with Source

Do you want to work independently with your alignment, be able to protect yourself better, purify yourself of heavy energies and fully BE a channel with Absolute Source?


I have created online spiritual training especially for you. In this online training you will learn useful exercises, methods and healing meditations to keep yourself balanced and connected independently. This is what we all want, right?
“A course useful for life”

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