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Spiritual Journeys
to places of power

Inner wealth is what a human life is all about


For me, organizing spiritual journeys and guiding the participants is the most beautiful thing there is!

After many years of giving meditation trips to Ibiza, Rennes le Château came my way in 2015. This gave rise to Cathar and Mary Magdalene journeys.


A special place on earth. 

If you really want to go to a special place on earth to feel energy, come home to yourself, find inner depth in a beautiful natural environment, then Rennes le Château is “The Place To Be.”

A journey of consciousness to places of power can enormously increase your spiritual growth. I literally see people transform in one week! How special is that?

What are my meditation journeys known for?
We always go into nature and walk to hidden places of power. Through my attunement with Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and Grandmother Anna, the excursions to magical hidden places become intense and loving. The group often has spontaneous 'Healing Meditations' with the Holy Family. Many participants have already felt their presence.
We also talk about ancient wisdom and knowledge. As a spiritual coach and energetic healer, I inspire participants to go to their center where the treasure chest of all qualities and gifts lies. During the spiritual day trips I open myself up to the highest good of the participants and mother earth. I see and feel energy and often receive messages, which I spontaneously share with the participants.

To enter a power place, I first teach you how to deal with the (energetic) protectors of a power place.
Connecting yourself well with Mother Earth and the Absolute Original Source Creator is the key. This way you will experience the sacred places in a conscious way.
All this under loving guidance.

“Rediscover your inner strength and create your future with confidence in the here and now”

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"All in all, this was an unforgettable trip that gave our lives a positive turn. You were present with all your inner wisdom, your strength, your connection with Mary Magdalene, your knowledge of important places of power, your friendship and your trust...

I hope to meet you more often.

Your book (Mary Magdalene, places of power in France) led me to you, I have already read it 3 times, it touches me deeply and I feel a lot of recognition in what you write."


Spiritual day trips in Cathar country
from Rennes le Château

"Back To Love"

is my mission

I work for mother earth and all her inhabitants. When Mother Earth's ley lines are clean and healthy, everyone thrives.

There is so much to share with you in the beautiful Cathar country.

I have at least 20 special hidden places where I can take you.

​During the spiritual day trips (4/6 hours) I take you into the world of ley lines,
different dimensions, remembering what you already know at soul level, using your spiritual tools, energetic activations, healing meditations, healings, inspirations, spiritual coaching, making contact with nature beings, visiting sacred places and we make contact with Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and grandmother Anna.

Yvonne Ros Rennes le Chateau

What are participant results?

“I have truly come home to my heart.”
“I only now remember who I am and why I am on earth.”
“My mission spontaneously became clear."
“I was finally able to let go of the heavy baggage that I had been carrying for years.”
“I have experienced freedom, tears of happiness and intense gratitude.”
“Parts of my past lives have become visible.”
“The flame of love in my heart has increased many times.”
“I have never experienced so much synchronicity.”
“Together we have created something positive in terms of energy.”
“It was a life-changing experience.”
“I thought doing the light work together was fantastic."
“I have become higher in energy and feel more connected to my guides, angels and enlightened masters.”
“Walking in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene was a dream that came true.”

Nieuw Yv Godin Isis stoel
Fontaine des Amours Maria Magdalena dopen
perillos grot groep
Top van berg Yvonne -horizontaal
Perillos 2 -horizontaal
Yvonne op stenen bed -horizontaal
Bronwater plaats
Fontaine des Amours regenboog
Natuur portaal Rennes les Bains -horizontaal
Yvonne perillos
Heilige vallei 1 -horizontaal

In the months of June, July, August and September there are places available for spiritual day trips.

Maria Magdalena Tower



Sometimes a special place on earth makes all the difference for you.
Sometimes it is the energy of the enlightened masters.
Sometimes it is the guidance of a lightworker who inspires you in a loving way to embrace your soul energy.
'Sometimes a journey comes your way where all this comes together.'

Rennes le Chateau is the ideal center where pure love, equality of male and female and sacred marriage come together with Mary Magdalene energy and Jesus (Yeshua) energy.

A new world has opened up for me since I discovered Rennes le Château and now we partly live there!

Maria Magdalena

We visit places where the energy of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua can still be felt. We visit other dimensions and pass through energetic portals. We delve into the teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Cathars.
Discover the mission of Mary Magdalene. What was the true faith or way of life that Mary Magdalene came to bring to Europe 2,000 years ago?
The way of life was: Develop unconditional love for yourself, then you develop love for your fellow man and then you connect this radiant love with your love partner.  This great love for each other may merge, so that as partners you are a column of light and love.
An example for humanity. How beautiful!  Where men and women are equal.
Why has this been kept hidden?
We live in a special time on earth, where this wisdom can now be shared by us.
More and more women, but also men, feel connected to the Mary Magdalene and Yeshua energy. They were and still are the inspiration for many people.

Maria Magdalena statue

As a moon priestess, as a healer, as an apostle, as a husband, as a mother, as a bringer of love, Mary Magdalene was one of the most special women in our history. Mary Magdalene should never be forgotten. Now is the time for transparency and the truth. July 22 (her birthday) has been declared Mary Magdalene Day by the Pope!

Traveling with Yvonne

Fontaine des Amours

Energy work

During this spiritual day trip I tune in to what can be healed. Mary Magdalene is very close to me and to us as a group. She communicates with us. During these spiritual day trips I decide what can be healed. Mary Magdalene is very close to me and to us as a group. She communicates with us. By walking in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene and the Cathars, certain parts of man's inner self are touched.
Discover your Goddess spark or God spark, your personal soul mission, discover the presence of your light team, rediscover the joy within yourself. Remember who you really are. Releasing heavy energies, processing traumas, receiving energetic healing, remembering past lives can also happen, everything is possible. Experience that walking in nature is the perfect way to connect yourself with the cosmic energy, as above so below. We meet (energetically) the Holy Family, work with leyline energy and open ourselves up to what may happen in the here and now. Doing energetic work is a loving gift to yourself and to the world.

Perillos Cave Travel

Unity consciousness

Meditating with like-minded people on Mary Magdalene power places can enrich everything you are.
The world needs strong women and men with a higher form of spiritual intelligence. Strong conscious women and men can inspire other people to increase their consciousness. You could also call this the inner strength that lives in every person.
This inner power is connected to the universe and the energy of mother earth.
Unity consciousness is a communication field in the universe. As humans, we can 'log in' to this. Everything has already been done, lived, conceived and accomplished. The old knowledge is stored in the field of unity consciousness. We have also absorbed a lot of knowledge in previous lives. This is stored in the library of your heart. You can rediscover your knowledge through special guided meditations. 

Altar Maria Magdalena


As a spiritual coach, energetic healer and author, I organize these Spiritual Journeys from the heart!
In 2015, under the guidance of Mary Magdalene, I discovered the most loving, heavenly places on earth. I received an assignment through my guides and I completed it. I wrote a book about this. Now I inspire people to discover these footsteps to inner strength for themselves, in magical places in France.
My soul connection with Mary Magdalene inspires me to do guided healing meditations with the participants. 

Spiritual group travel

Field trips

Visit magical places such as: The Sacred Caves, the Goddess Isis Chair, the Cosmic Plateau, the Mary Magdalene Church in Rennes le Chateau, the Roseline (ley line), the Sacred Valley, La Pique, the Fontaine des Amours, Montségur, Source de la Salz, Pech Cardou, Holy church built on an Isis Temple, Cathar initiation cave, Bugarach, Perillos cave and the water source of Goddess Isis.
In recent years I discovered more than 20 beautiful, sacred hidden places. I usually commute in advance to get a sense of where we are going with the group. Please also indicate where you would like to go.

Rivier La Sals

A loving gift
to yourself

Spiritual day trip to Cathar Country including:

  • spiritual activities (4 to 5 hours)

  • awareness-raising conversations and inspiration

  • healing meditations under guidance

  • excursions to a number of hidden power spots and sacred places

  • mountain climbing/hiking (bring sturdy shoes)

Day trip 4 to 5 hours:
2 participants € 175.00 p.p.
4 participants € 115.00 p.p.
6 participants €85.00 p.p.
8 participants €70.00 p.p.
10 participants €60.00 p.p.
12 participants €50.00 p.p.

Day trip 6 to 7 hours:
2 participants €285.00 p.p.
4 participants € 160.00 p.p.
6 participants € 120.00 p.p.
8 participants € 100.00 p.p.
10 participants €80.00 p.p.
12 participants €70.00 p.p.

Reserve a day trip from Rennes le Chateau for one or more days.

"It is now time for us to restore Unity Consciousness, through which we can create 'heaven on earth'."

boek yvonne ros

My Book

It is recommended to read my book: “Places of Power in France with Mary Magdalene”. Many tips are described here about the places of power in the Cathar country. I have learned a lot from Mary Magdalene and would like to share this with you. The spiritual journeys arose because the readers of my book wanted to visit the many places of power that I describe in my true spiritual travel report. Purchasehere my book.

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