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Yvonne Ros bethlehem

Healing for Lightworkers

My healing method is: "giving people back to themselves, remembering their inner knowing, their own qualities and strengths, so that they do not become dependent on a therapist.”

​We are all lightworkers or lightworkers in the making.
Through spiritual healing and coaching you get closer to your core, the beautiful soul that you ARE.

What spiritual healings may I share with you for your highest good?
Aura cleaning, Purifying 12 generations, Rebirthing, Soul Retrieval, Entities Check, Chakra healing, Reconnection, Crystalline Activation, Guide Encounter Journey, Flushing Energy Bodies, Protective Techniques, Light On, Mirror Exercise, Flow Of Wellbeing, Reading, Using Frequency Codes For Overall Balance , Sedona Letting Go Method, Inner Journey Deepening and Manifesting, Higher Self Connection, Epiphysis Activation, Merkaba Activation, Inner Child Healing, Removing Entities, Golden Gate Method and Magnetizing.

  • Do you experience that things are not flowing smoothly in your life?

  • Do you feel like something is blocking you but you don't know exactly what?

  • Do you want to discover what your mission is? 

  • Do you want to fully step into your power and say goodbye to your insecurity?

  • Do you find yourself doubting yourself?

  • Do you have difficulty generating income? 

  • Or do you suffer from physical complaints? 

  • Do you want to let go of old baggage?

  • Do you feel that you are not quite yourself?

  • Do you feel less connected to mother earth?

  • Do you want to remove energetic blockages?
    Do you want an entity check?

  • Would you like a chakra alignment check?

  • Do you want to heal traumas from this life or from previous lives?

  • Do you want to disconnect yourself from a previous love?

  • Do you want to attract a new love into your life?

Then book a 2-hour healing session with Yvonne. 


In this session Yvonne watches with you. She attunes to all layers of consciousness and understands where healing can take place and where the core of your problem lies. 


After these sessions you will feel clear and in alignment again. You remember why you are here and you are in your own power center. From this feeling you step into the future.

The transfer is €75.00 per hour.

waterval bugarach

In connection with Source

Do you want to work independently with your alignment, be able to protect yourself better, purify yourself of heavy energies and fully BE a channel with Absolute Source?

I created this online course especially for you. You will learn to keep yourself independently balanced and connected with useful exercises, methods and knowledge. I will also take you into a guided healing meditation in which you can experience the energy work. “A course useful for life”.

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