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Heilige plateau Yvonne Ros


How and why did I start delving into the spiritual?

When I look back at my life it is a journey of consciousness. 

When I was 30, some pretty drastic things happened in my life. I couldn't help but go inside myself and wonder, why are we here and what's the point of it all? After a materialistic life I suddenly had nothing left. Only my daughter, a small house and no money to furnish it.

Something changed in me then... I was never so happy with myself! I had chosen myself. I felt rich in my heart, felt deep joy that I had never experienced before! I also radiated this inner wealth, which meant that friends and acquaintances suddenly came along with everything I needed! My parents who were always there for me also helped me during this difficult period. I was given a new 'home' and a new conviction of true wealth.

Yvonne Ros Spiritual Coach

"How beautiful, big, powerful, loving and useful my inner world was in daily life! I started working on this. I thought everyone should know this."

It felt like a kind of inner discovery, I felt the power of the thought and the possibilities to create a positive influence on my life. I discovered big differences between feeling and thinking, between appreciating myself and criticizing myself, between being grateful and complaining. A way in, it touched my heart. How beautiful, big, powerful, loving and useful my inner world was in daily life! I started working on this. I thought everyone should know this.In the following period I read many books and took training courses. I helped everyone with advice and healing that they could start working on immediately. It gave them back self-confidence. I became more and more aware and I sensed when people were derailing from their life path and guided them back in the right direction. I also felt when someone became ill and how he/she could best protect themselves against it. Several gifts I had always had began to become more powerful and useful.



After a time of giving (too) much to others, I went off the rails myself. I even ended up in several burnouts. It was a tough period.
I came into contact with a magnetizer who helped me get back on track in one treatment. I even recovered completely after a few treatments and my lesson from this experience was clear.

A world opened up for me, I decided to delve into magnetization (laying on of hands) and started a 2-year training as a paranormal therapist, including a study of physiology and anatomy. Central to this training was the development of consciousness as an individual and gaining insights about myself and my past.
This allowed me to cleanse myself of (old) negative emotions and old hurts. I understood that without properly purifying yourself you can never become a good therapist.

A new start followed. From a pure heart I could treat and guide people in their own process.
Many clients had emotional baggage that caused physical ailments.
Everything and everyone is energy. We are a soul with a physical body. If the soul's message is not heard in the emotional body, it will eventually knock on the physical body.
I was even better able to help people with, for example, burnout, migraine, skin problems, stress complaints, joint problems, back problems, but also people with fears, trauma, insecurity and many other physical and emotional complaints.

Back in the here and now

After 16 years of practice, I have helped many people achieve balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I work in as many spiritual coaching and healing areas as possible.

Healings from rebirthing to purifying 12 generations, from rebalance to aura cleaning, from connecting with heart and soul to removing entities, from helping people remember who they really are to rediscovering their soul mission. There is so much to do energetically.

I work with my guides and the Absolute Primal Source of Creation.
Measuring people energetically and guiding them in their healing process comes easily to me. I also encounter many people who are burdened with entities and dark energies in their aura, people who find it difficult or no longer possible to connect with their soul, higher self, mother earth or the absolute primordial source of creation.

Foto naast Terug In Het Hier En Nu.jpg

They have lost themselves because of everything that is happening in their lives. Many people also come by to receive further guidance in the growth of their consciousness process. The ages vary between 4 years and 81 years. From business people to students and the elderly. Great that it is now accessible to everyone!I help everyone in a very targeted way because I perceive energy and receive energetic messages. 

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My Book and the
Mary Magdalene Travels

Having received a spiritual assignment from the energetic world, I had no choice but to carry it out. Maria Magdalena asked me to go to specific power places, portals and ley lines in Cathar Country/France and to do my lightwork there under her guidance. She has shared so much wisdom and knowledge with me.

This trip changed my whole life. This resulted in a special spiritual journey from which my 'live diary' eventually became my book:
“Places of power in France with Mary Magdalene”
The readers of my book have asked me to take them to these magical places of power. This is how my Mary Magdalene/Cathar travels in the South of France came about in addition to my practice activities.

Power places in France with Marie Magdalena


My mission is to purify ley lines, reconnect and activate power points. Rennes le Château is located on the Roseline, this is the main ley line on earth. This area has an extremely high energy field with all its hidden power spots.
I now live partly in Rennes le Château, the place that is super connected to Mary Magdalene and the Cathars.


Many participants find the energetic guidance I provide very special. The 'Healing Meditation' with Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and Grandmother Anna during a spiritual journey touches them deeply. It is a journey deep into your inner world where everything can be healed and/or felt. The more you feel, see or observe, the more you remember your own qualities and can use them in daily life.

Online Trainings

Because I have helped many fellow therapists, light workers and entrepreneurs, I regularly see the same requests for help. Because I cannot always do 1 on 1 sessions, I have developed these online courses especially for you. You can absorb the knowledge and do the exercises and meditations at your own pace. The right tools and exercises can make a world of difference to the growth of your consciousness, your practice/work and your life.
Alignment with the Absolute Source of Creation is the key. See what courses are available.

Volunteer work

I love supporting 'Light Power Projects' and helping Divine Goddesses who have a beautiful healing message for the world. Everything that contributes to a better world on earth.

This is how I was led to the Cosmic Towers in late 2020. This energy immediately resonated with me and I felt that this energy makes a difference on earth. I immediately took action and made contact with Harald Thiers, the founder of the Cosmic Tower Project. After 3 months, this special journey in energy, knowledge and wisdom started in the Netherlands.
The special Cosmic Towers generate a fantastic field on many levels, allowing people to feel the best version of themselves in safety and confidence.

I also help Dévayani, a special pianist from the Cathar country, to organize her healing concerts in the Netherlands. Concerts for the soul.

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