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Online Courses

Because I have helped many fellow therapists, light workers and entrepreneurs, I regularly see the same requests for help. Because I cannot always do 1 on 1 sessions, I have developed these online courses especially for you. You can absorb the knowledge and do the exercises and meditations at your own pace. The right tools and exercises can make a world of difference for the growth of your consciousness, life, practice or work.
Alignment with Absolute Source of Creation is the key!

"The growth of consciousness occurs in different phases"

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Course Self-Love

I always say to my clients: “Self-love is step 1.”
Without self-love there is no stable basis for self-confidence, connection and love.

Self-love is recognizing and acknowledging who you really are.
You are a spark from the Absolute Primal Source. You are the light and you are the love. You are one with the universe and at the same time a flesh and blood human being on earth. You carry everything within you. You are.

We are not taught to train self-love. Loving yourself was often considered selfish. There is still a taboo on this subject. While self-love is 'the key'!
Self-love gives a flow of truth and trust through you  to.

Self-love is linked to self-esteem and being good enough

We are beautiful soulful beings who are a channel of the 'Absolute Source of Creation'. We bring about change on earth. We are executors of love and light. We are Goddess and God in the making.
We can love ourselves deeply every day. There is no one who can stop this, only ourselves.

The journey to Self-Love is an invaluable spiritual training for the heart and soul.


Course Self-Love

Manifestation Power Course

What is the most beautiful quality of humanity?
Manifestation power! Everything we think, say, feel and do has a major influence on the world we live in.
Every thought is a ripple in the energy field that surrounds us. We live in an energy field and we are energy beings. Everything is in motion and can be influenced.

Consciously applying manifestation power is a special spiritual course. Become especially aware of what you do not want to create. The positive or the negative manifests just as quickly.

The question is: 'What do you want to experience in this life?'
It often becomes very quiet after this question. Not everyone thinks about this important topic.

This fascinating manifestation power course takes you on a journey through all the obstacles and saboteurs in our heads. Unlearning learned habits and learning the basic habits of the heart is simple for the heart, which also makes it difficult for the mind. The heart feels and knows how easy manifesting is. The head does not live in the here and now and bases 'its truth' on past experiences and projects fears into the future.

The path from the head to the heart

How do you clear the path for your manifestations?
How do you live a life you dream of?
How do you turn on your abundance channel?
How do you learn to receive?
How do you live with ease?
How do you learn to trust the outcome of your wishes?
How stable are you when something doesn't work out right away?
Do you trust the Absolute Primal Source?

You will receive extensive documentation about this course including videos and Healing meditations. 


Course Connection

Course In Connection with Source

This is a complete basic course for everyone.
We live in a world of energy and we are mainly made of energy. How we use our own energy field  dealing is necessary to know.

“Cleaning the energy field, protecting it and aligning our energy with heaven and earth
is the basis of our lives”


Without connection to Absolute Source and Mother Earth, nothing can flow. We are the connector.
By being very consciously connected in the here and now, creation power flows through our body and auric field.
We are the channel. We create life on earth with these two basic connections. As above, so below.

Is your auric field burdened with entities, or are you carrying vibrations that are not love and light? Is something interfering with your unique connection to Absolute Source? Be aware that this situation affects your entire life. 

Do you know the feeling that everything seems to be going wrong? You stub your toe, you drop a glass, the oil light comes on in the car, you have to stop all the traffic lights and bridges, you cancel your appointment at the last minute...

Learn to read the signs. What is going on?
Are you connected with the Absolute Original Source Creator 'in the here and now' with your full consciousness?
Are you connected to mother earth?
Are you a pure channel of love and light?
Are you clean of entities or other low vibrational energies? Stand still for a moment.
Scanning yourself is important in the times we live in.
We are in a huge shift to a higher dimension.
Know that low vibrating energies cannot be transported to higher dimensions. 'They' also try to keep us low in energy so that 'they' can survive.

You can easily clean yourself of unwanted energies and entities, you don't need anyone for that. Protecting your auric field is also simple. Mastering important energetic techniques gives you self-confidence.

You may remember that you already have many qualities within you.
Let me help you remember what you already know on a soul level. You are Goddess power, a God in the making.
Learn to remember what you have already collected in the treasury of your heart. You are already whole and complete.
We have been taught a lot that we can unlearn.
Remembering your 'own wisdom' is necessary for the new time on earth.

You will receive extensive documentation about this three-part course including guided videos and healing meditations.


Course Pendulation

Do you have life questions?
Do you have questions about nutritional supplements?
Do you have questions about food allergies?
Do you have questions about love?
Do you need confirmation about what you feel?


Anyone can learn to commute, but what exactly is commuting?

For me, commuting is seeing the energy of your intuition physically move through the pendulum. We all have intuition or a hunch, consciously or unconsciously. We are all largely energy beings with fairly small physical bodies.
Our aura is about 8 meters around. We have a higher self, a soul and many guides and guardian beings. Your higher self is your wiser part and connects your lower self to the Absolute Source of Creation. Actually, we have a 'lighting team.'
As humans, we sometimes need validation in our physical world. The pendulum is extremely practical for gaining clarity about life questions or very practical questions. 

Do you also want to learn to commute?

Many lovely people ask me to teach them how to commute. Because your intuition and your feelings are always on, you receive many signals every day. We don't always fully listen to our feelings. We are often in our heads and it is sometimes difficult to move from our heads into our feelings.
Your higher self can sometimes surprise you with answers via the pendulum. It's really fun to do!

There are many ways to commute, including many measurement schedules where you can practice with the commute.

I personally think the Bovis Meter is very important. This allows you to see whether something you are about to eat or drink has 'life energy'.

You can also ask the shuttle other important questions. The moment you can let go of all your prejudices, there is a free flow of energy and you are neutral.

You will receive extensive documentation with a number of shuttle schedules, including a guided video.
You must provide your own shuttle.


Course Pendulation
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